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Connecting Through Images

You know they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s so true that images can make you recall memories, feel emotions, imagine stories, and more. But is it possible to connect with someone just through an image? Yes, because it’s another way of sharing yourself and then having somebody see the image and feel something in common with you, bringing a sense of connection.

The image could be a graphic, a painting, or a photo. Each has the potential to speak right to the heart of another person. Images can lead you to want to know more about the picture itself or about the person who took the picture or about the person who shared the picture. When you are moved by images, you should reach out and tell that person – start a conversation about it. But images can also help you connect with yourself. A picture may inspire you to write a story or a poem, may help you to recall childhood memories, may cause you to reflect on your life and goals, may lead you to research a topic, and on and on.

I don’t have graphics or artwork to share, but as an experiment, I pulled a few images of my own and am sharing them below. Look through them and think about these questions: Which ones bring up more emotions? Which ones do you look at the longest? Which ones get your imagination going? Which ones make you want to travel or have an adventure? Which ones make you want to connect?

connecting images
connecting images
connecting images connecting images connecting images connecting imagesconnecting images connecting images connecting images connecting images

Day 23 Daily Connection Challenge:
Share an image online today that you love looking at. See if it triggers a reaction with anybody and brings about connection. When you see an image today that causes you to react in some way, take the time to let somebody know. Look at a selection of your own images and see which ones you feel the most drawn to. Come up with some thoughts about what that tells you about yourself.

Thank you for joining me for Day 23 of 31 Days of Connection! What kinds of images are your favorite? Are you drawn more to images of people or inanimate objects? Let me know in the comments! See you again for Day 24, friends!

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