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Connect by Commenting

Commenting happens mainly online on articles, blog posts, and social media posts. While you may not think it’s much of a way of connecting, it’s a way to begin a conversation online and connect with people you know as well as with complete strangers. These connections can even lead to new friendships and partnerships. Leaving a comment is like opening the door a crack. Commenting back and forth opens the door further until you shut it, leave it open, or invite in a new friend!

When you react or feel a connection to something you read online or feel a connection with the person who wrote it – write a comment! Comments let the person who posted know that you reacted to what you saw. It’s good will for the person who posted and they will be more likely to comment on something you post. When you leave a comment, you might start a conversation with the person who originally posted, and sometimes conversations and new friends result after a back and forth exchange in comments. It’s worth the extra few seconds or minute out of your day.


If nobody ever commented on blog posts, my friend Kim from Homesteader’s Heart and I may not have connected and become good friends! In fact, for years, we never missed commenting on each other’s blog posts (honestly, some blogging platforms, comment settings to reduce spam, and smart phones make it more difficult now to leave comments on blog posts, but don’t let it stop you from trying)! And did you know that Facebook algorithms reward posts with more activity? But the activities they look at now are shares and…yes, comments (that’s right, post likes are good and help people in your own timeline see what you have liked, but Facebook does not generally increase how much it shows your post to people based on post likes alone)! So if you enjoy someone’s posts and want to connect with them as well as encourage them, start commenting more often.

Day 22 Daily Connection Challenge:
Stop lurking online (that’s what it’s called when you scroll through and read everything but never comment)! Comment on each social media post that moves you in some way today. Read a blog post or two from a favorite blogger or from somebody new to you and leave a comment to let them know what you thought about the post. Respond back to people commenting on your own posts to keep conversation and connection going.

Thank you for being here for Day 22 of 31 Days of Connection! Do you consider yourself a good commenter or are you more of a silent lurker? Comment (HA!) and let me know! See you back here for a Day 23 post, friends!

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