Recipes will show up from time to time on this blog, but I have already posted many on past blogs and even use those links on a weekly basis myself. If you like yummy food, I promise you’ll find some great recipes to try!

Recipes from Lisa Marie

From Lisa Marie – Recipes

Beef and Veggie Chili – Low Carb
Butternut Squash and Pear Soup
Cranberry White Chocolate Cream Scones
Pork Loin Rub

Stop and Smell the Chocolates – Recipes

There are over 200 recipes in my index here and they are categorized by type (I should just tell you now that “Cakes” is the largest category!). They are listed with links directly to the posts. Any that are gluten-free are marked as well. I apologize ahead of time for the quality of many of the food photos, but they are usually good enough to give you an idea of what you’ll be making! Hope you find something yummy!

Stop and Smell the Chocolates Recipe Index

Stop Eating All the Chocolates – Recipes

Haha – yes, I know, the name. I started that blog at the same time as the other but it was all about my efforts to be healthy (which is amusing when you have another where you post things like cake recipes) and I only shared healthy recipes there. Just because they’re more healthy doesn’t mean they aren’t yummy! And you can always adjust ingredients as you like – I did, but didn’t always list those adjustments in the ingredients. Many of these are family faves and we still use them.

Stop Eating All the Chocolates – Recipes
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Gotta love Pinterest! Though I like to pin other things, you’ll find that the majority of my Pinterest boards involve food. I’ve tried many of the recipes I’ve pinned and there are some really good ones there.

Lisa Marie on Pinterest

Let me know if you end up loving a recipe you found!