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Ways to Connect on Pinterest

We discussed connection on Facebook, but you might wonder how much connection is possible on Pinterest when you just stop there and pin your favorite ideas onto your own boards. But there is opportunity to create and improve connection there – it is after all, another “social” media network. The main way that brands and blogs try to connect on Pinterest is to share pins that you will like and share and then click over to the site, which helps with traffic and may lead you to connect further. This post is focused on how to connect on Pinterest as a user that’s not trying to promote a site.


There are ways to connect with other people on Pinterest, especially those who have similar interests and enjoy pinning the same things you do. You can also further connect with your own friends and family on Pinterest. How? Here are a few ideas:

Send Pins or Profiles. When you find a pin you love, send it to a friend! Hover over the pin, click the paper airplane symbol, and then you can put in the name or email of who you want to send that pin to, along with a message. Or send a profile to somebody you know. If you love everything somebody on Pinterest shares, then click the 3 dots in the upper left of that person’s profile, where you can select to message that person or Send Profile.

Send Messages. Talk to your friends while you’re pinning away. You can message them without ever leaving your happy Pinterest world. Click on Notifications on the upper right side and Messages. Type in the name/email and your message – super easy.

Comment on Pins. If you like a pin or want to add some info or ask a question, click on the pin and then click Comments near the bottom. Leave your comment in the box. You might strike up a conversation with the pin owner or other Pinterest users.


Follow Pinterest’s Recommendations. Pinterest sends you emails about pins you may like and Pinterest users who are pinning similar things to their boards. Follow these people and you may find some great new ideas or connect with somebody new.

Start a Group Board. A group board is a wonderful way to have a group of friends, family, or colleagues all pin things together to the same board. It could be used for planning a project, sharing recipe or fitness ideas, and more. When you set up a group board, you can add collaborators to it. If you have under 20 collaborators, there is some group chat functionality as well so you can message the group.

Use Pinterest for more than pinning your favorite ideas and inspiration. It’s another opportunity for you to build connection into your day right where you’re already hanging out.

Day 26 Daily Connection Challenge:
As you’re pinning this week, leave comments on at least 3 different pins. Find 2 pins that you know friends would enjoy and send them. Try sending a message to a friend just to say that you thought of them because of something you just pinned. If you have an idea that you would like group participation for, start a group board, add some collaborators, and start pinning. Not on Pinterest yet? Check out the Pinterest Guide and get started!

Thank you for joining me for Day 26 of 31 Days of Connection! Are you a Pinterest user? What kind of pins are your favorite? Have you used it to connect with people? Let me know in the comments! See you back here for a Day 27 post!


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