You’ve all heard of writer’s block. I don’t really have a block because that means a lack of ideas, but oh my, I have no lack of ideas! I think writer’s lull is more accurate – a temporary quietness.

Why the lull? I think it might be because I have this misconception that in order to write, I must feel inspired at that moment. If I’m not feelin’ it, I just don’t write – even though I have a long list of things I’d like to write about it. The issue with that is that the writing itself is sometimes the very thing that motivates me to keep going.

I need to remember my One Word for this year ~ Do. It doesn’t mean: Hey, you know, if the stars line up just right and you get every possible chore completed and you’ve had enough coffee for the day ~ Do sit down and write. It means: Do. Write. Write whether it’s good or bad, happy or sad, but write.

Have you been struggling with writing? Maybe you don’t think you’re a writer. Do you blog? Then you’re a writer. Do you journal? Then you’re a writer. Do you read a lot and sometimes think of writing? Then you’re a writer. Aren’t we all writers, really? We write the story of our lives each day through our thoughts, words and actions.

Perhaps ~ A writer is inspired by words hidden in the soul. A writer is fulfilled by words released into the world. A writer is inspired

Do. Write. I challenge myself – to write. I challenge you – to write. You can even use my word: Do. {newsflash – I don’t even own that word so you won’t get in trouble for making it your word, too:)

With Love,
from Lisa Marie



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  1. I am in a quiet season in my writing. Never has really hit me so hard in the five years I’ve been blogging. Some say, it’s the low that comes after the high of publishing a book. It’s been hard. But I’m pressing in, waiting, listening, reaching for inspiration.

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