I’m not feeling very smart these days – with this new blog on WordPress. I don’t know my way around and I have to do a little research just to figure out how to set things up that I could have done in my sleep in Blogger. It’s one of the reasons I avoided WordPress for so long.

And I realized – isn’t that one of the reasons why we avoid trying so many new things? Yes, there’s a fear of the unknown and failure. But I think there’s also a desire to feel smart. Not because we want to be better than anybody else, but because we so often feel like we don’t have it all together in this world. When you feel like that, you just want to stay in your comfort zone – where at least some of the time you feel smart and capable. Sometimes that helps you make it to the next day.

feeling smart

Here’s the thing though. You won’t feel smart and capable in something – until.you.actually.do.it. I can do all the reading/talking about WordPress that I want, but until I actually jump in and feel my way around, I will not feel smart here. I can stay in my comfort zone and be smart in some things, but still need to take those little jumps here and there into the unknown.

I’ve been doing that. And I don’t feel smart. But that’s OK. I’m blessed just to have the opportunity to learn something new! How about you? What have you been avoiding/missing out on because you’re afraid of not feeling smart?

Speaking of feeling smart – I did figure out how you can subscribe to my feed: http://fromlisamarie.com/feed/ or subscribe to this blog by e-mail on my sidebar {I’m not smart enough to get you a working link for that instead of going to my sidebar – LOL}. It’s the little things. :)

Psssst…you should be feeling smart today because you REALLY ARE smart and capable in more areas of Life than you even realize.

Also, this post is a grammatical nightmare and I sincerely apologize to the Grammar Police.

With Love,
from Lisa Marie

4 Comments on Because We Want To Feel Smart

  1. I actually went to WordPress to see what all the hub bub was about but I think unless you “buy” your own host there didn’t seem to be too much of an advantage. But I will say, I felt really dumb trying to figure things out. LOL! But I feel smart because I tried. Ha! Ha!

    • I actually spent money this time – it’s quite shocking. :) You are smart in soooo many things that I am not {like homeschooling, gardening, chickens, crafty things and on and on}. Love you!

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