Time For Something New…And Fun…Maybe

Sometimes I get crazy ideas. Like starting a new blog. A new blog that is hosted – which I’ve never had. A new blog on WordPress – which I’ve barely used. I figured it would be a fun way to learn new things while leaving the recipes behind on my other blog. I think “fun” was the wrong word to go with. Reality has set in – setting up a new blog is WORK. And I am kind of a lazy daydreamer.

So here I am! All that to say – expect *many* changes as I go. The whole choosing-a-theme thing is overwhelming. I’m having trouble finding one with the feel that I’m looking for. I really just want to focus on writing at the moment. All the extras will show up a little at a time – links, social media, about page. It isn’t the right way to go about it {don’t do as I do}, but If I wait until it’s just right – then I will have missed out on all that writing time!

So I’ll learn as I go, just as I did so many years ago when I started my first blog {Stop and Smell the Chocolates}. It’s good to learn new things, I hear. And really “fun.”

With Love,
from Lisa Marie