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No, it’s not my son’s birthday or the start of a new school year or any special occasion. I’m just seeing changes every few months that make me happy and sad at the same time. It’s not the first time I’ve posted about how my son is growing up and it’s certainly not the last! Now that he’s in high school, the growing up has accelerated.

son playing tennis 2
I thought I would be ready when it happened. But each change throws me off and leaves me wondering where my little boy went. His voice changed quite a while back and I’m still not used to it. Sometimes when he talks, I think, “Why is he using that fake voice?” And now he shaves. Not that there’s much there, but enough. He has his own thoughts and opinions. He enjoys hanging out with his friends {he is blessed with awesome friends} more than he enjoys hanging out with his parents – though he still loves and respects us. He has started caring about whether his hair has a style and which skinny jeans are more comfortable. He has started playing new sports – basketball and volleyball. He strives for good grades, loves his teachers, pays attention to sermons in church, and wants to figure out what career he’s most interested in {definitely something computer-related}.

I like this young man. I like it when he tells me about his school day and funny things his friends said or did. I like it when he updates me on how Nintendo’s stock is doing and what good or bad decisions they’ve made recently. I like it when he smiles and that he has the same sense of humor as me. I like it when he remembers to pray for people. I like it when he thanks me for making cookies for him and his friends. I like it when he shares his concerns about people or events. I like it when he says “bye-loveyou” on the phone, even in front of friends. I even like how tall he is now {about 6 feet} <—but don’t tell him that.

And at the same time, I feel like somebody made a switch in the middle of the night. Somebody took my little boy. The one with feet that didn’t hang over the edge of the bed. The one who liked to snuggle with mommy and daddy. The one who loved to hear stories, play with trains, and be tickled. The one who hid in a different spot every day so his dad would have to search for him when he got home from work. The one who fit on my lap.

Couldn’t I have both at the same time? No, I must accept and embrace the changes. And I do – really! But when they say that the days of your little ones being little goes by way too fast – they are not kidding! If you have little ones, give them some extra snuggles and play with them on the floor. Because it will seem like tomorrow – when your boy becomes a young man.

Any thoughts from you mamas?

With Love,
from Lisa Marie

8 Comments on My Boy Is A Young Man

  1. I know! It’s crazy. I really try to soak in this time in their lives. Because I know all to well that it goes by fast. I mean I’m going to have a 21 year old this year and that just seems crazy to me.
    I love how B-man is growing up into a wonderful young man. Make sure just grab him for no reason sometimes and hug him. It’s one of those things that he and you will remember later on in life.
    Oh and I like the new design. I wish we lived closer so you could show me your ways.
    Love you my friend.

    • We hug him all the time! And if you’re talking about this design – well, I have to admit it’s just a free WP template that I barely changed anything. Those are my “ways” – LOL. :)

  2. I remember when he used to hide when I got home from work. Seems like half of the time I caught him while he was still trying to find a hiding place. =)

  3. I understand! My son is a little behind yours, 12.5 years old, but he is changing so much. We are starting to talk about driving, future jobs, etc. His voice is changing, etc. I miss the little guy too, but I am blessed to know the person he is now and glad he likes to hug me. :)

  4. I remember when my oldest son when through so many changes as he neared adulthood. Now, my 10yo boy is beginning to change. I am thankful for both of my boy/men.

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