Well if you write, you should be able to make up your own words, right?

What is flucture? In my world, it’s just what I need. I desperately need some structure in my life right now. I’m drowning without it {is that really possible?}! But if I try to give myself too much structure, I rebel. So I need a little flexibility included. Thus, flucture. Or maybe strexibility.FluctureWithout any structure, I exist in limbo-land wondering what I should be doing next. When I have so many things to do that I don’t know where to begin, I end up doing a whole lot of nothing or completely avoiding necessary tasks. Too much structure and I am sure to stomp my foot down, fold my arms, and start pouting. Why should I have to do any particular task at any particular time? You’re not the boss of me! Or well, I’m not the boss of me! But somebody should be the boss of me!

The interesting thing is that this isn’t really an issue if I’m in the working world – I stay fairly organized because I want to get my things done in a timely manner and do an impressive job. But I can’t seem to find that same motivation at home. And that’s why I haven’t been writing. I can’t write if I have undone tasks at home. But I can’t do those tasks if I have other tasks undone. But I can’t do those if I need to write. But…HELP! I need a system – some flucture!

How about you? Do you do better with more or less structure? Do you have the same struggles as me? Or do you have a system that’s working for you {please share}?

With love,
from Lisa Marie

6 Comments on I Need Flucture

  1. I TOTALLY relate to this. I am kind of weird in that I like structure, but I like it so that I can throw it out and be spontaneous. I took a Birkman test (kind of a personality test on steroids) and the guy who went through the test results with me said it was really unique. (He meant weird, I think.) And I see this in things like grocery shopping. I make a list (without one, I stress) but then I never look at it or throw it out when I get there or buy totally different stuff. Flucture is a perfect way to describe this. Love it.

  2. I think I wrote a similar post a long time ago. I want structure but when I feel TOO scheduled I start to tick myself off and rebel. But if I’m just left to myself I don’t get as much done. Let me know when you figure it out. LOL! But until then let’s schedule ourselves to sip latte’s and think about it.
    Love you my friend.

  3. Oh man, I’m right there with you. I need structure, but too much makes me feel confined. Looking for a healthy balance these days. Have a lovely weekend.

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