Sometimes I get crazy ideas. Like starting a new blog. A new blog that is hosted – which I’ve never had. A new blog on WordPress – which I’ve barely used. I figured it would be a fun way to learn new things while leaving the recipes behind on my other blog. I think “fun” was the wrong word to go with. Reality has set in – setting up a new blog is WORK. And I am kind of a lazy daydreamer.

So here I am! All that to say – expect *many* changes as I go. The whole choosing-a-theme thing is overwhelming. I’m having trouble finding one with the feel that I’m looking for. I really just want to focus on writing at the moment. All the extras will show up a little at a time – links, social media, about page. It isn’t the right way to go about it {don’t do as I do}, but If I wait until it’s just right – then I will have missed out on all that writing time!

So I’ll learn as I go, just as I did so many years ago when I started my first blog {Stop and Smell the Chocolates}. It’s good to learn new things, I hear. And really “fun.”

With Love,
from Lisa Marie

6 Comments on Time For Something New…And Fun…Maybe

  1. Woo Hoo!!!! This is exciting! I’m thinking about doing the same thing myself. Well actually, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I feel closer to actually making it happen. But I want to plan it out this time. And planning to be creative is not really my strength :)

  2. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since you started! Time flies. Even if I don’t get on to read all the time, when I do/did I would read many of your posts (idk if that’s what you professionals call them!) at a time. I love it! Just like being with you again and hanging out! Keep posting links so I can find my way back here! Love you!

  3. Way to make the leap my friend. I’ve been thinking about resurrecting my cooking blog for similar reasons. Most of the people that come to my Homesteader’s Heart blog are mainly looking at recipes so then I feel the pressure to put more recipes on there and I’m not a food blogger either so that’s not what I really want to focus on. *sigh*
    So I want to know more about this hosting thing. But that will probably take a private email.
    You know I love ya and will follow you where ever your journey takes you.

    • Thank you my friend!! I say keep doing what you’re doing – it’s a nice mixture of all things involved in the homesteading life you lead. And make sure you enjoy what you’re doing on the blog or it will start to feel like a burden. Love ya back!

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