Hi, friend! I’m Lisa. Lisa Marie, in fact, just like practically every other Lisa I know on earth. But no, I was not named for Lisa Marie Presley, though many Lisa’s my age were. My middle name is Marie because it was passed down. My mother’s middle name was Marie and my grandmother’s middle name was Marie. And with that little story, I gave away a clue about my age. Let’s just say that I’m not in my 20’s. Heh. :)

About From Lisa Marie

What can I tell you about Lisa Marie? I’m a Christian wife of over 23 years, a mom of one fabulous teenage son, and have been working outside the home for the last couple of years. I love family, friends, good food, chocolate (who doesn’t?), lattes, laughter, smiles, sunshine, and words. And exclamation points!! I’m an optimist but realistic at the same time. I’m really just an ordinary working mom who likes to be helpful and see if I can get you to smile at the same time.

How I Got Here

This blog might be new to you so you might assume that I’m a newbie in the world of blogging. I actually started blogging waaaayyyyy back in 2008, back when there were thousands of blogs instead of gazillions of blogs. It was different back then – much easier to connect and make friends. And I do have dear friends made through blogging that I even met in person. What a blessing and a fun journey!

I stepped away from blogging for a few reasons. I had a blog that ended up with more of a focus on recipes than I intended and that felt like a lot of pressure for somebody who just likes to share yummy stuff but doesn’t have the patience or desire to take amazing food photos. I also started working full time outside the home and that took up most of my brain power. There just weren’t any words left by the end of the day. All of a sudden, I’ve been inspired to start up again, partly due to wanting to write about some of my experiences and partly due perhaps to a job change, switching duties to more left-brain work, which I think has freed up my right brain for some fun here! And it so happens that I worked in digital marketing so I’ve learned a lot that I would now like to apply to my own blog and see what happens.

Back With a Plan

So I’m back and with a plan even! I’ll still be posting about a variety of subjects, which is my favorite thing to do – I don’t like to be “stuck” with one subject. The common theme besides the fact that they’re just subjects I’d like to share about, is that there are ways that we can use the online world in all of these areas to enhance our offline lives. And isn’t that what online life should be about? Our most important life is our “real” offline life with our families, friends, connections, and day-to-day struggles and victories. Rather than getting obsessed with all things online or completely ignoring them, let’s find the ways to bless our lives and make them better with use of the internet. Let’s take it back and use the power for good!

You’ll find posts here about family life, health and fitness struggles, food, home life, as well as marketing, leadership, and customer service for the “working” world as well as in our daily lives. I do hope you’ll find a range of posts that speak to you and are helpful in some way. I welcome your feedback on any subjects or type of posts that you would like to see or see more of in the future.

Glad to have you here!